Project 2

Database to Web Site

A FoxPro/DOS database was being used to create printed directories of office locations, and contacts. In order to save the repeated cost of printing, it was decided to place the information on a Web Site.

This required designing a web site and web page layout that provided the same functionality of the existing printed directory. In addition, a system had to be developed that would extract the required information from the existing database, reformat, and add the HTML tags to create the correct page layout. Also the program had to create appropriate HTML Table of contents, links to web sites, that were referenced in the database, and e-mail links. The processing required extraction of the data and the insertion of HTML tags to create pages for the web site.

The production database was in FoxPro DOS, and had to maintained in that platform, as the client was not prepared to convert the data entry workstations to Windows. However, for Windows compatibility, a mirrored version of the system was created using FoxPro for Windows.

Platform and Tools

Windows 95, Novell Netware, FoxPro/DOS, FoxPro for Windows, Basic, Hot Dog Web Page Editor, Front Page, Word Perfect.

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