Project 14

Mailing List Cleanup

A client had obtained a number of address lists in different formats. These lists were to be integrated into one data base, with an attempt to remove any duplicates, add missing postal codes, and convert to a common format.

The database were in a variety of different formats, and the formats were not known by the client. This required some detective work to determine if the format was a known database. In some cases, the information was maintained in propriety database, and required hacking directly into the files to extract and format the information.

After the information was extracted, additional work was required to separate information into the required fields, since the was no standardization in how data was maintained. This also required intelligent parsing of syntax to find abbreviations and patterns.

The data was maintained in a Clarion database, although for efficiency the database was also mirrored in a FoxPro database. The final result was converted to Q&A database.


Windows, Clarion, FoxPro, Basic, Q&A

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