Project 13

Mapping System for Health Provider Access

A US corporation was planning on moving to a new employee Health Provider. An analysis was required to determine whether the provider had adequate resources to provide a service satisfactory to both the employee and the union.

Employee and dependant data containing age, sex, martial status and home address was converted into a FoxPro Database. Health provider information for each doctor or clinic was also converted into a FoxPro Database. Plant locations were also entered into a FoxPro database.

FoxPro database were then converted to ORACLE to allow SQL extraction of subsets of the database according to various criteria. The ORACLE results were then converted back into FoxPro, for input to the Mapinfo mapping system.

Within Mapinfo, using a specialized Map programming language, programs were written to allow analysis of access to health providers based on distance. For example, find all paediatricians within 20 miles of the home address of children under 18.

This data was then used to create thematically colour coded maps that assigned values to each health provider and employees. This allowed the plotting of a map that would indicate, for example, which geographical areas did not have adequate paediatricians for employees children.


PC, Oracle, FoxPro, Mapinfo, Focus

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