Descriptions of Selected Projects


1 Database to Desktop Publishing FoxPro DOS database used to maintain a list of services used to create desktop  publishing documents.
2 Database to Web Site Converting FoxPro databases to HTML to build web sites.
3 Database to Web Site 2 Creating websites from SQL/Anywhere database using C++
4 Production Line System Forecasting Gupta SQL reporting system.
5 Cheque Balancing System Foxpro system to balance cheques and reconcile them to downloaded bank statements
6 Conversion from Clipper to FoxPro Converting a cash receipts system to Foxpro
7 Stock Trading Analysis Analysis of stock trading using Visual Foxpro.
8 Document to Web Conversion Converting Word Perfect documents to a website using automated  procedures.
9 Y2K conversion – cheque tracking and funds transfer system Rewriting a cheque receipts system to be Y2K compatable – Clarion.
10 Installation Package for Software Distribution Using Install Shield to provide automated installation of a FoxPro system.
11 Help System Help system was developed for new users of an existing Visual FoxPro system.
12 Mailing List Cleanup Convert multiple mailing lists to a common database, Clarion, Foxpro.
13 Mapping System for Car Location Adding enhancements to a CICS PL/1 system to provide street intersection  lookups for mapping locations. Mapinfo.
14 Mapping System for Health Provider Access Analysizing if a health care provider had adequate resources to provide a service satisfactory to both the employee and the union. Mapinfo.


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