RatShopper BETA

The program is called RatShopper, it has been developed as a 32-bit application for the Win95/98/M2/NT/200 etc. desktop. I am a professional programmer with over 20 years experience, but I mostly develop medium to large applications as custom projects for clients.

A few years ago, I discovered installed HandyShopper and think it's a great application, but my wife wanted to enter stuff on the desktop, and so I developed this and am now trying to make it useful user friendly shareware. I am open to suggestions for changes and additions to the program.

The basic RatShopper program is Freeware, another version may be available with additional features which will be Shareware.

Your email address will only be used in relation to this program - it will be held confidential and not sold or released to anyone.

Support group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RatShopper/

BETA Versi on


Item Description



June 2005 - Maybe

BETA - New features
Add dollar totals on reports
Add feature for Auto Renew - allows for dealing with items purchased on each shopping trip
Fix error in import/merge text
Add print by store with aisles
Add new import text features and global changes
Option to capitalize the first character of all descriptions
Option to change all Have to Needed


Feb 2005

Adds a search option.


5 Dec 2003

Adds compatibility with HandyShopper 2.7.1, increases the length of units of measure, and handles some new parameters.

Improves the warning given if categories exceed 15 and an export is done.


27 Oct 2003

This version should only be used be previous users of RatShopper - if you are a new user - you should download version 2.10. The new features listed below have been added on a trial basis and may be changed. Please play with them, and give feedback on the usefulness

Enhancements to allow global [change multiple items at once] change for different selection criteria, adds icon, category, store additions to global changes. Adds icon picture in shopping lists. Enhancements to importing text files, allows more control over the format of what is imported. Add warning if Categories or stores exceed HandyShopper Limits.

Corrects an error in importing exporting, when the store name contains a comma. Note that if you had imported a list previously that had a store name containing a comma, then you should delete the store that has double quotes around it if the store also exists without the quotes.  This only applies to previously imported lists, this version corrects that problem.


17 Oct

Add support for the current version of HandyShopper 2.6 - add Icon and Alarm Sound/Midi


8 July

Changing the quantity of a Have item will now make it Need.
Changing a Have item to Need will make the Quantity one if it was zero
Fix a problem that prevented changing Have to Need.
Remove built in expiry date limit.