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Shopper is not a Palm/PDA application, but a desktop application that can work with HandyShopper data files. RatShopper is Freeware. It is intended to be a tool to be used with HandyShopper - not a replacement for it.

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    HandyShopper [not to be confused with Handy Shopper]is a great freeware application that maintains Shopping Lists (and other lists) on a Palm compatible PDA. I think it's a great application, but my wife wanted to enter stuff on the desktop, and so I developed this program to allow desktop updating of the list.

    To find out more about HandyShopper:

    See our page here
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    User group for HandyShopper  Yahoo - handyshopper
    User group for Rat Shopper -
    Yahoo - RatShopper
    Current support questions

RatShopper provides for manipulation of lists, merging and typing in lots of data - things that are difficult or impossible to do on the PDA. Please note that the desktop interface is not the same as HandyShopper and is not intended to be a replacement for day to day shopping activities.

If you have large numbers of items in your lists, or have multiple shopping lists, then you really should try it out, it provides features that are very hard to do on your Palmtop.


    Imports and Exports HandyShopper files
    Allows desktop editing of records, changing, deleting and adding from lists, stores and categories
    Selective exporting by category and/or stores
    Merging together of different HandyShopper files
    Importing from text files
    Exporting to Excel
    Changing multiple shopping items in one step e.g. change the icon for a selected group of shopping items
    Creation of new Handy Shopper files
    Global changes of list item descriptions -- changing all caps descriptions to upper/lower; clearing all prices, aisles, quantities, need, etc.
    Supports several of the HandyShopper preferences -- such as New Items are Taxable, Stamp Today on New Items
    Support for non-English character sets, alternate numeric and currency displays.


    Win95/98/M2/NT/2000 etc. [Macintosh is not supported]
    a minimum screen resolution of 800x600.
    Requires HandyShopper and a Palm compatible PDA.

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