Icon Support

Icons that display in Handy Shopper will depend on the set of icons being used. If the user changes the master icon list then Handy Shopper uses that list. The correspondence between the icon displayed and the shopping list items is just a number.  So if the number changes, the icon changes, if the icon master list changes, then the same number display a different icon.

Note that some numbers may look the same on a mono PDA, this may be a problem if you beam a HandyShopper list to another person with a colour screen, and you used a mono, or vice-versa.

Rat Shopper currently supports visually only the standard icon set provided with Handy Shopper, however, since you are entering a numeric value, the correct Icon will still display on the PDA.

         1        Shopping Cart
         2        To do/Exclamation
         3        Clock
         4        Checklist
         5        Tee Shirt
         6        Wine Glass
         7        Movie
         8        Musical Note
         9        CD
         10       Globe
         11       Monitor
         12       Handheld PDA
         13       Contact
         14       Phone
         15       Letter
         16       Home
         17       Key
         18       Book
         19       Ladybug
         20       Dice
         21       Credit
         22       Master Charge/card
         23       First Aid
         24       123
         25       Grey Dot
         26       Red Dot
         27       Yellow Dot
         28       Green Dot
         29       Blue Dot
         30       Finger Remember
         31       Parcel
         32       Dollar
         33       Grey Pin
         34       Red Pin
         35       Yellow Pin
         36       Green Pin
         37       Blue Pin
         38       Flag
         39       Windows
         40       Car