How it Works

RatShopper works on the copy of your HandyShopper list on the desktop. The flow of the data is illustrated in the Flow of Data.

First you must do a HotSync to get the latest changes you have made on your PDA. At this point, the copy of the list and the copy in the Palm backup directory are exactly the same.

When you import the data, the RatShopper program uses the HS2CONVERT utility to convert the data [in the Palm Backup Directory] into readable text files in the RatShopper directory. These text files are then converted into a special database on the desktop. [HS2CONVERT is distributed with HandyShopper, but must be copied into the RatShopper directory.]

You can then edit and change the RatShopper database. Note there is only one current active RatShopper database - containing the last HandyShopper data imported.

When you are finished changing, you export the active data into a HandyShopper file. This process takes the RatShopper database, and creates text files from it. Then it uses the HS2CONVERT program to built a HandyShopper file from these text files. This file is created in the RatShopper directory. You may use the same name as the imported file, or you can create a new file name.

If you want to copy this file back to the PDA, you must add the file to the HotSync list [RatShopper has a button to let you do this], and then do a HotSync.