Evernote Web Clipper forgets name and password

Starting in mid April with the latest version of the FireFox addon Evernote Web Clipper, it stops remembering my name and password. (Running on Windows XP) and I have to log in to it every time I start my browser. However, Evernote web access continues to work.

Tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no success.

I did note that there appears to be a “1” hanging from the app Icon, as though it had not finished a previous clip. Uninstalled again, restarted FireFox and looked carefully and found there was another entry for Web Clipper – an older version with a note it was incompatible, and no way to remove it.

Restartd FireFox with no addons in safe mode  – Help – Restart with Addons disabled. Then do Help – Troubleshooting Information – this shows a list of components and the old Web Clipper shows with an id of {A5ABA0BB-F195-40d8-A5E9-0801153E6597} Searching for this provides


CLSID: {A5ABA0BB-F195-40d8-A5E9-0801153E6597}
Name: Add to EverNote
Filename: enbar.dll
Description: Related to EverNote Keep track of your important notes.

Located in \%Program Files%\EverNote\EverNote\

This addon however is missing from the normal location in Documents and Settings. By using Everything [Highly recommended http://www.voidtools.com/] I find it in c:\Program Files \Mozilla Firefox\extensions

reamed it to {A5ABA0BB-F195-40d8-A5E9-0801153E6597X} and restarted FireFox, installed the latest WebClipper and restarted again, get an error about syncing,  ignored and restarted FireFox again.

At this point the hanging 1 (mentioned above) is gone and it appears to be working again.

I suspect the old entry has been sitting in FireFox for a while and was not removed by a previous upgrade, but only has an issued with the latest Clipper.

BTW the latest WbClipper is:  Evernote Web Clipper5.6 {E0B8C461-F8FB-49b4-8373-FE32E9252800}


  1. Lorenzo says:

    You might also try the Evernote web clipper in the bookmarklet version. It works on multiple browsers. I even use it on my iPhone.

  2. Cem says:

    Hello Lorenzo,

    The same problem (web clipper never remembers user’s password and I’d) is with Safari on iPads. I have been using your suggestion to implement it on iPad for a while. I was really happy about it until a while ago. It is a big problem now to type user ID and password for every clip in a single day. Any solutions for iPad?


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